THE OL' B!T*H IS BACK for Redemption.

I can finally sit and write with out the pressure of who is reading or judging. For someone who talked to several people on a daily basis to now talking a one or two you can say that changes have happened in a year. I learned that just because I meet them I don't have to like them - (.) or keep them. This is great to know as I plan to be 100% back on #MyRide.

If you have followed me or my journey, thus far,  then you have become accustom to life for me and the abrupt start/stops that I have had plenty of. In fact the last time I wrote . on this blog, was when I was boasting about giving up on one of the pleasures I had in life, traveling in my motor home, to move to Alabama. Well that lasted a month.

In fact because I do in fact live in my motor home and travel it would appear that I'm one of the most disconnected people on the planet. That is one of the most untrue statements. or possible assumptions. My head works and obsess about everything and wonder what someone else will think about it. I have been such a creative developer type career or task base most of my adult career that it encouraged the need for people and their approval.

When I was younger or just a few short years ago when my approval ratings were down I went down  with them  withdrawing from everything and go to bed for three days. I haven't been in a place like that in a long time. YEARS! I didn't "take to the bed" this time and I was not in fetal position this time but I was on the inside and in my head, all curled up and position was assumed. I went through the motions all the same.

This time what came out of it was - THE OL' BITCH IS BACK & NOT INSECURE!- SECURE!  I appreciative what everyone in business has given me, the opportunity.  I have made some horrible mistakes but I don't take that as "BAD" on my character any more. I have been in communication with those that I wronged recently. By wronged I mean take the blame for my uneducated ass.  I owned up to the fact that not only was I a horrible broker, I HATED EVERY OVERWHELMING SECOND of it. Margins are small and no working capital plus I was crazy busy designing and hustling - I AIN'T BUILT LIKE THAT!!!!!! It broke me, as a person and my wallet. I don't want you all all to like me like that. I do however play well with customers, my customers, in all aspects. My customer is no longer a business owner on the clock. When she is a mom, aunt, sister, crafter, surfer, fisher-woman, drinker etc... Or when her boyfriend is all the things he is and his grandma is all the things she is. My Customer. Mine.

I am in transition now with business and personal. I am working towards why I started Obnoxious Behavior to begin with be creative, travel, see new places, make some money and have some fun.

I am building out my Kiosk for (OXB) right now, looking for town and communities to set up in. I am so thrilled. I have created a spin off of my Postcard Mailer if you wanna support my cause take a look at this (OXB)ox Membership.

With the same support you have given me over the last 46 years I hope you continue as I step off on this chapter in my journey as raw as I have ever been, dependent only on the PERSONAL relationships that I build for the personality of me & my business. Wow, a brand!

I am so happy to be back writing here and finally on a path to where I wanna be. Seems like I get closer every time to figuring it all out since I created the (OXB) but I have arrived ya'll.  Finally.

See Ya Down The Road!
Make Life Happen -


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