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THE OL' B!T*H IS BACK for Redemption.

I can finally sit and write with out the pressure of who is reading or judging. For someone who talked to several people on a daily basis to now talking a one or two you can say that changes have happened in a year. I learned that just because I meet them I don't have to like them - (.) or keep them. This is great to know as I plan to be 100% back on #MyRide.

If you have followed me or my journey, thus far,  then you have become accustom to life for me and the abrupt start/stops that I have had plenty of. In fact the last time I wrote . on this blog, was when I was boasting about giving up on one of the pleasures I had in life, traveling in my motor home, to move to Alabama. Well that lasted a month.

In fact because I do in fact live in my motor home and travel it would appear that I'm one of the most disconnected people on the planet. That is one of the most untrue statements. or possible assumptions. My head works and obsess about everything and wonder what someone else will…