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Let Me Hear Ya' Sang - Sweet Home Alabama

Some of you know just how spoiled by life I really am. During my travels the last few years I have really started to listen. Not just to others but to the universe and to life and more important my body. The last few months I have really been asking for change and a ton of searching has been done. I feel like I am some kind of shedding animal, layers and layers just seem to fall off.

One thing I have learned in the past few years jumping from place to place is I have done it all. Everything I have ever dreamed up and everything I have ever wanted to be professionally I have done.

The last few years has been one freaking reset button but this time it's professionally. I finally got me right. I am personally confident.  I see how important life is. Plus I have been watching Grey Anatomy on Netflix and I know how much shorter it is too.  - HA - Any Way.

 I know how much fun the last few years have been for the last few weeks feel so off that I am going to hit the professional rest bu…