When in Colorado, just inhale.

It was a twelve hour drive from Tulsa Oklahoma to get to Crestone Colorado.  I saw a ton of empty fields and miles and miles of nothing but flat stretches of nothing. I saw a couple dust funnels and several large, very large tractors and such. As I drove the never ending highway 412 West through the never ending Oklahoma panhandle I was eagerly waiting for those mountains. The hills with no point. 

Finally there they were! It took my breath when I saw them. I was on the phone when I came upon them for the fist time. I couldn't continue the conversation I was having. I was speechless. I didn't hang up the phone tho. I did explain I was having a moment. The lady I was on the phone with kinda pick up on what was happening and gave my moment a more powerful message and it was from and about God. Her faith is very strong and she has been a staple in my journey #WESTBY2021. Oh yeah and BTW no pictures of the mountains either.

I continued my trip. My cell services was spotty. So was radio reception.  I found myself listening to news talk radio and snapping pictures because those mountain that I had looked so forward to was all around me now. These large rocks they looked like just bursting out of the ground as to welcome me to the West. but none of the very first I saw.

When I arrived at I25 in New Mexico to turn North to make my way into Colorado I was just reflecting on what a LONG drive it was on 412W just to have one of the most peaceful moments in a car that I had ever had. It was amazing. It was kinda like the first kiss from someone you just met and they were "just the type" for a perfect kiss for you. I was so bored and hated it so much until that moment. I say hated I didn't hate it. It was just boring as hell. But the reward was amazing. It wasn't a rough trip.

About the time I was really reflecting on where I was headed and what had just happened I was in Colorado and just like that the landscape started to take a different shape. All the sudden the drive didn't seem as bad. It was actually easier than I was letting on, now.

I continued to drive to my destination of Crestone Colorado. As I drove closer to my friends town I noticed I was heading for the mountains that once was the back drop of all my photos from the car. Each right took my closer to the mountains and each left took me more north into the state. I could just start to  see that I was driving through the plains and heading toward a town.

I finally made it 9,000 feet about sea level to my friends house. I saw my friend and he was looking to be on the road to being  "OK"  after some personal junk. Then I walked up on the deck that wrapped his cabin on the mountain side and I said out load at that moment, "I wanna live here" I also included, " I am not leaving".

All the sudden all the fears of cold weather and four seasons left my body.  This place reminded me of my home community Big Gully, Tennessee. The air was much cooler than the Oklahoma and Texas heat that I had been in for a few weeks. I hear temps on the radio driving in of like 39 at night 75 during the day.

 I am setting here in my office space and the view is amazing but with the direct sun it's warm almost hot but It's so nice.

We visited the town of Crestone yesterday. We went to a couple markets and walked through town, fueled up and then went to Higher Elevations before heading back the cabin.

After spending more time in town, I will speak about it more but for my experience downtown it was so diffrent that I didn't know how to really act. Nothing loud except the heavy equipment working on the street. I didn't know how to process it all. I had been to places "like this" kinda. It's like if Greenback, was Asheville, NC. Kinda thing. This is a way of life that felt so peaceful. People waiting patiently and respectful at a check out counter, that didn't have an express line or attitude.

People were speaking to each other on the street and not just nodding as they past each other. Verbal hellos and such. It was so cool. GRANTED everything is more expensive but not relatively speaking, it's a great price to pay.

It's been almost paralyzing to be here. This is the first place that I have been in many many days that I am so at peace that my worry is even diffrent. It's more that my drive is changing. I guess something just like this is really what I want. You have to be careful what you ask for tho. Everything that I am doing now I have been speaking this way for years and I have just spoken my way into everything I have ever wanted. The experiences that I have experienced over the last few gypsy years of my life has finally put me in the position to wanna ground. Make five year plans and participate in the next 40 years.
So I am going to continue to inhale in Colorado for a couple more days before I have to exhale back to reality.
 It's funny. It's not what I came for,  it's what I am leaving with.  I can't wait to come back and fit this place into my life.
Physically breathing here is a BITCH but Emotional breath here is a cool a breezy. Like a menthol cigarette when you have the flu.

I'm looking forward to this. 


  1. Enjoy every moment! Colorado is beautiful, but your journey isn't done, my friend. <3


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