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When in Colorado, just inhale.

It was a twelve hour drive from Tulsa Oklahoma to get to Crestone Colorado.  I saw a ton of empty fields and miles and miles of nothing but flat stretches of nothing. I saw a couple dust funnels and several large, very large tractors and such. As I drove the never ending highway 412 West through the never ending Oklahoma panhandle I was eagerly waiting for those mountains. The hills with no point. 

Finally there they were! It took my breath when I saw them. I was on the phone when I came upon them for the fist time. I couldn't continue the conversation I was having. I was speechless. I didn't hang up the phone tho. I did explain I was having a moment. The lady I was on the phone with kinda pick up on what was happening and gave my moment a more powerful message and it was from and about God. Her faith is very strong and she has been a staple in my journey #WESTBY2021. Oh yeah and BTW no pictures of the mountains either.

I continued my trip. My cell services was spotty. So was …