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This balance crap is unstable for me.

The irony in all this stuff I am trying to do is really striving to be TheRealTazCable. I don't know that I have ever been "real". I wish I could write like I am in the middle of a crowd with a couple cocktails in me. I guess I have so much going through my head that I feel like I am not being honest with everyone. Realistically my humor is honest, brutal sometimes and usually things that most people can't get away with, ever saying or doing. I am not sure why its that way. I guess I am just blessed and if writing is something that I want to do I better get use to being honest and deliver it the same way as I do in person.
I recently met a jewelry maker who was fluent in crystals and stone. I ask her to make me a bracelet that would give me Emotional Detachment. See that car I was waiting for that day in my last post in  Panacea turns out, I was driving it all along. I was the one I was waiting on.  So she defined that to mean - balance.
Balance is a word that I have …