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Thanks For The Reminder Ochlocknee Bay

What an emotional reminder it has been. It seems that I just arrived for a shower and WiFi just a few short days ago but its been a couple months.
Wakulla County, Florida and they call it Will-Kill-Ya County and a few short days ago sitting road side in a bar I thought I was dying.
You see, I just came for a shower and WiFi and I have met some wonderful people. Explored some wonderful opportunities for myself.
I met Jasmine McMillan from the Holiday Campground. She has been nothing but my biggest cheerleader since I pulled in her driveway. I jumped out of the Wander Wagon ran into the office and said "Don't worry I'm not staying." Because the Wander Wagon looked so poorly. Jasmine was instrumental in me getting The Wander Wagon Too and that alone has changed this journey for me single handed.
The sweetest most adorable person I have ever met in my life works with Jasmine in the campground office and she is my Mean Jean and she is not even close to mean. Don't pis…