The Ultimate Road To Know Where

I am not sure why but I remember hearing "The Road To Nowhere" maybe it's just because it relates to my story. This post. I think it's perfect because I really don't know where I am going I just have "Out West" on my internal GPS.

I  have very few rules, ok - no rules -  I use in processing my direction West. I have no method to my navigation. Where it's gonna get weird is when I leave Panacea, Florida this fall. Cross into Texas and then venture from the water. I will feel lost with out the Gulf it's been such a long period for me. I know that I have only been on my most current journey a few weeks but the entire reality check in the RV has been happening about three years and it's brought me some pretty colorful stories.

Sometimes I wish I had the nuts to share it all. The laughter and inside jokes. The secrets that are only important to that moment and that time. To be involved some so deep and some just as if I was passing through, like I was. Life changing relationships. Those kind that each person you meet has a little more to live up too that you allow back in that spot, in the heart. If those you meet don't live up to the standards of the last you're just tolerating to be where you are, as a whole. Learning to realize that your are coming into their world and knowing when to press the breaks and when to punch the gas with some of your know it all topics.

In the past 3 years I have met and been a part of so many lives. So many amazing people and some real freaking shitty ones. I am grateful for each one. Each new location the drama seems to be less, maybe it's me. Not always but I am sure. My mind never stops.

Spending extended amounts of time in these small towns teach you so much. The road to know where has been great on the Gulf in Florida. I am looking forward to new cultures and new way of life. I don't feel anyone has it better or worse where ever I go but when you visit small town USA and you stop long enough to get to know it you hear how honest America really is. The community will speak to you if you let it. And as each community has the same negative problems but it is always that same Big Gully (the community I am from) small community feel and political structure as even the Towns that border even these small communities, they love it. You feel it. You know it.

Although I may know it all, I have been learning to "stay in my lane". I am usually sent to people for a reason and that is made obvious. So far it just presents it's self. Although The Road To No Where has been bumpy it has still felt like The Ultimate Road To Know Where. 


  1. It was so lovely meeting you this evening! This resonates with me because I ALWAYS say I want to live "somewhere out west"! I own no more than four totes full of stuff and I'm looking for an RV! ❤ Sara

    1. It was Awesome to meet you as well. My Rv will be available in a few weeks. I am looking to upgrade. I'm glad you enjoyed. My friends back home don't understand all the elements of this journey. Thanks for being a part of it.!

    2. We went to the beach today and as we passed the restaurant we were telling our friends how awesome you were and you were on the porch serving a table! We squealed with delight. I hope you find yourself an even more bad ads RV! Hope to see you again down the road!


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