Looking for a place to me.

Ok so I have 500 thousand, not really that many, posts and I have been looking for a way to address this.  This blog topic. Or Subject. I am starting to realize that I have a platform and it's not made up of those that I get influence from. My friend back in Palm Harbor does read my blog and I do listen to her, as long as she hasn't had too much wine - then you HAVE to listen to her. I have friends back home that I speak to all the time and I "let them listen to me". In quotes because that is really what happens when I talk to them but they do give feed back - but they don't read my blog.
My life long friend tells me that she don't wanna hear about my drama - not really did she say that - in my blog she wants to hear about my travel. Well, I don't think she reads my blog.

I guess this is a double feature because as I feel I need to explain somethings as I travel to look for a place to be me - my blog and my writing has been looking for the same answer.

As you read this know that my numbers are so much better on my real writing and honest discovery. So my following may not be my advisors. I'm figuring that out. Thank for sticking with it.

As I feel like I need to fire off blogs of wonderful places I am I find myself in a location that I can change and better my travels but it  is  killing my avenue of release. Writing. Adventure.

It's a crazy thing. I am writing and I love doing it and when I am honest - you all read it. Being honest and being an inspiration is so easy as long as you can make yourself look better. Well to be honest I don't read and my grammar  is horrible, as you can tell, yet I find that I like to write. Maybe I have argued so much in my past trying to be right that writing is the only place that I can be right. Correct?

I'm going to be in Panacea for a few months, I hope, I think. I may not have things to write about or maybe things that you wanna hear. I'm gonna write. Cause for now this is my place to be me.

I'm working really hard to make Obnoxious Behavior something that I can travel on. If that becomes reality faster than I currently plan then the journey continues and so do the stories about where I am and where I am going. 

For now, I am where I am, 50 miles from no where and learning so much every day. About me. About others and how that mixes. Adjusting to knowing that I am worth more even in my current travel/living conditions. Knowing that I can get and do better for myself, by myself. I've done everything in my life that I have ever dreamed as a child to do. I've never repeated careers or even partners, except what I am doing now, traveling - I use to call it , running.

I've spent all my life trying to be something and becoming a nobody has been more rewarding.

Thank for following along as I look for a place to ME.


  1. Taz, thank you for giving me your blog site. I look forward to reading more as you move forward on your life’s journey. Please know that we are all cheering you on and love you exactly for the person you are! So always keep your shoulders back and your head held high, remembering what an amazing individual you truly are!


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