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The Ultimate Road To Know Where

I am not sure why but I remember hearing "The Road To Nowhere" maybe it's just because it relates to my story. This post. I think it's perfect because I really don't know where I am going I just have "Out West" on my internal GPS.

I  have very few rules, ok - no rules -  I use in processing my direction West. I have no method to my navigation. Where it's gonna get weird is when I leave Panacea, Florida this fall. Cross into Texas and then venture from the water. I will feel lost with out the Gulf it's been such a long period for me. I know that I have only been on my most current journey a few weeks but the entire reality check in the RV has been happening about three years and it's brought me some pretty colorful stories.

Sometimes I wish I had the nuts to share it all. The laughter and inside jokes. The secrets that are only important to that moment and that time. To be involved some so deep and some just as if I was passing through, like …