What's Up With My Obnoxious Behavior?

I know I have tried this kinda thing before but it does seem that now I am adjusting to the lifestyle that I have picked for me. I am really not sure that when I finally gave in to this lifestyle and I am not real sure that I will make it doing this kinda thing but I am pretty sure I can pull it off.
When I was younger and acted a fool people would tell me how cute I was. When I was in my teens I was a blabber mouth and then as I blossomed into my twenties I was OXB as hell. Thats someone with Obnoxious Behavior.
Most people as I got older that didn't like me called me obnoxious.  Those that tried to understand me and accept me called me precious. I am OK with it all. So who cares. Be Obnoxious and have that Behavior.
I have sourced a few items to help you to have the best (OXB) you can. With great Fashions from around the world that showcase your personality, Cool Stuff that make your day better and as I go Tee's that will say things you are afraid to say but love to wear. I'm looking forward to seeing your (OXB). I will get the Social Media in place soon so that you can share those times with me!


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