Welcome To Yankeetown Is Like Bless Your Heart.

If you ever get a chance to visit Yankeetown Florida, you must. The drive through the town is like going back in time. Well if you don't look at the new structures on the outskirts of the physical Downtown Yankee town.

It's amazing. Spanish moss hanging from trees that have branches growing every where. Large branches in different directions. Almost like Savannah Georgia.

It would like to bring you in through Riverside Drive.  You turn left off the "Follow That Dream" Parkway. It's where Elvis filmed the movie, Follow That Dream. When you approach the town limits the road divides almost like the trees part the road. ( Pictures for this post will come later, I have to find better internet. I'm roadside near Chiefland, Florida)

There are small lots with small or quant homes. The air seems clean and the divided road has people waving as you pass and walking dogs an talking to the neighbors.

When you approach the four way stop you see the downtown real estate office and the Blackwater Bar & Grill. I can say the food is ON POINT! The quality and freshness is incredible.

As you drive through town you approach B's Marina & Campground. That is where to stay. BRING BUG SPRAY. The damn No-ce-ums and sand gnats will drive you insane at certain points of the day but watching the shrimp boats go in and out can be a sight to see. Peaceful. Even if you don't have a camper or boat they have park models to rent and a sailboat or two. I hope they have The Dockside Tiki opened when you visit.

Don't get too comfortable tho. I met a few people who don't want you to live there. That was strange. So was the woman that said that too me. Cheap too. She never tipped on food. You know who you are.  I met a sassy little realtor tho that could and would sell you anything you wanted to be in Yankeetown as long as you wanted.

As I was thinking about making some roots in Yanketown I would bring up concerns about living there. Their response was always "Welcome to Yankeetown".  I finally said to someone, I am so sick of hearing that. It's Almost like your are saying "Bless Your Heart", they said "it's Not what you think it means". I concur.

All in all. Great people who all took a wrong turn and ended up in Yankeetown. Since Yankeetown was my first stop on the new journey west. they have the inaugural designs from Obnoxious Behavior and it's just fitting that I got my smart ass back in Yankeetown.

Take a visit!


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