Getting Married Too Early - Story Of My Life

((Incomplete - Live Updating)))

I guess being a premature baby in the 70's does have its draw backs. From what I can remember I was in a incubator for awhile after I was born. I was born in May and was supposed to be in June or something like that. Maybe I don't remember how the story goes very well.

At any rate, I have always been told to slow down, take it easy. Are you flipping kidding me, wont happen. I know this now. For sure I see it. Before I guess I wanted something so bad I just jumped in both feet first and I have gotten into habit of that.

Living back on the road like I am I need to learn very quickly that I move fast and others don't. Work out some personal time and experiences instead of jumping in feet first. We all know that when the romance is over the relationship is done.  Let's be real. What are the percentage of people that are married that still look at each other and rev that engine. Most the people I know that are married are like - OMG THEY DRIVE ME INSANE AND YUCK. Once a comfort among people is discovered more of the truth comes out and you start to see the ugly people have.  I hope and pray that my Obnoxious Behavior would never cause anyone pain. Although if you listen close I have bashed myself before you will and I push through with an energy that will wear me out. Most think that I never tire and I can just go forever. Realistically I can if the MYthodical plan I have can be executed with little resistance. I could never train any one to do my "job" or show someone how I plan or crete something. When I was younger I had to "fake it til I made it" because I was not educated and now that has allowed me to be self taught in so many things.

Today I sit in my Wander Wagon the generator is running, the air is blowing cold and I am using the WiFi at B's Marina & Campground for this last time, Just for Now. I am hitting the road. I learned so much here. A lot about "building" and a little about "Love".

I am so glad that I took a wrong turn on the Follow That Dream Parkway. I learned so much from this grumpy pain in the ass Ken. I called him a Helicopter Parent. He would tell me to drive a screw for him so that he could go work on something else and then he would stand over me while I drove the screws.  He was so kind when I first arrived and offered to take me for a sunset cruise. I used him for the first episode in my YouTube Series Cigarettes, Sunsets & A Bottle Of Wine. This is where I get to know something or someone, with someone. He was  a great amount of knowledge about the area and the Withlahocee River. Horrible supervisor on the deck project tho. Total ass pain. Love ya Ken.

I met some wonderful guests, some I have no idea their name. Others I will remember and stay in touch with forever. Well then there was Carla, co-owner. I learned so much from her. Her ability to keep the course is un-freaking believable. Her ego meter is in sub zero numbers and her compassion meter blows of the charts!

In just a few short days I thought I would stay in Yankeetown. Wanted to buy a boat, a sailboat called the Lady K.  My dear friend "Organic" or "Pocahontas" even offered to "sage the hell out of it" so that I could change the name.  I even got a job at the local Blackwater Bar & Grill. A food truck then rolled in and my name was all over that. OMG!!

I jumped into everything business and personal with these fine folks. With both feet. I saw myself in situations that made me uncomfortable. Situations that made me filled loved, appreciated and exciting. I was made to feel like I was a fruit-loop in a bunch of Cheerios and it was just fine! Perfect.

Then the romance died!

I knew too much. I saw too much. I moved too fast. It's time to go. I shed tears for things I could not control nor did I feel it was my place.

I will be back in Yankeetown, Florida. The people are amazing. Well, they have there fair share of football bats (crazy as hell) but if I wasn't on a journey to an unknown destination, I would have stayed. I hope Yankeetown welcomes the Wonder Wagon and myself anytime.

I mentioned Obnoxious Behavior. It's not as much as a descriptor but a self depreciating punch to make light of my smart ass out spoken defense tactic and how I am with anyone that I am comfortable with , or a crowd. I lost it before I left Clearwater and I am so glad I gained in Yankeetown. It mean I was happy.

My fashion sense, smart ass quick wit, digital marketing knowledge and limted graphic design and video editing is going into the clothing business and graphic Tee design. My new online business and festival company is called Obnoxious Behavior (OXB) - Sometimes You Just Gotta Be,

So the wagon and I are on our way West. We will have many stops along the way. Shorter ones. Less involved with boundaries. I hope the people just come close to those I had a blast with in Yankeetown. Florida!

((Look for the launch of my web store in the next few days, hopefully)))


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