Elvis Led Me To Yankeetown. Inaugural Post

This is my first blog post after my hospitality management gig. I loved that place and the job. I had no idea I had it in me. That was like 6 months straight of  National Championship Play-Offs.  For the record I didn't wanna leave Palm Harbor when I did. For that matter I didn't wanna leave ClearwaterFlorida when I did either. 

Now The Wagon and I head North and the only thing I can think of is that there is snow and freezing weather North and on this night it was gonna be very unseasonably cold in Florida from the North to the South and as far as I knew the East to the West.

Since I really wanna head West on my  new journey I decided to brave it and head North because that is the direction I will have to go.  You know, saving money and being travel productive. Leaving Palm Harbor, Florida around 5 in the evening and not wanting to blow all my cash in fuel right away I set a goal for Crystal River, Florida. 

Once I arrived in Crystal River I used an App on my phone to locate a place to camp for the night. It was COLD! I was afraid to look at the temperature because I was afraid it would make me colder.  I sat in the Winn-Dixie parking lot in Cystal River to use the app. I was hoping it would have listed that Winn-Dixie because using the App before I saw a Winn-Dixie listed.  So nope!  I used the GPS coordinates and navigated to this place that was supposed to have 15 sites, campfire rings and I remember that is was a state park of some kind but realistically I had no idea really what this place was called.   It was 30 minutes from where I was parked in Crystal River.  I later found out that this campsite was in  Citrus Springs, Florida. I was on the phone, of coarse, I was kinda nervous about where I was and it was good to have a familiar voice on my phone. Not that she could have helped me back in Tennessee and me in Florida but it felt comforting. I missed the turn and  then was afraid that there wasn't going to be a place to turn around  to go back. I eventually found a place to turn the Wagon around, I turned to go back and it turns out this was a great park for bird watchers. Well I just knew I was gonna wake to birds every where.

Well you have to go to sleep to wake up. It was so cold. I slept a few hours. A first light I was up and going because I knew it was going to be colder tonight. MUCH!  I set out for coffee and food - I headed back to Crystal River tho, I wanted to go back where I was the night before.

Once back at Crystal River I got back on 19 & 98 North and I was leaving Crystal River and started seeing signs for small Mom & Pop Motels and such. I just knew that I could find someone to let me clean rooms for a plug in, something.

Knowing that I only had just under $200 in cash. I wanted to go to a local place for breakfast and coffee so I could listen to the people talk to each other. Also so I could see really where I was. I knew I was in Inglis, Florida now because of the "Welcome Sign".  I saw the sign when I had rolled into town.

There was a couple fast food places but there was a breakfast lunch and dinner sign hanging on this place. I wasn't sure of the name. After I got parked and got out I saw it said " Shrimp Lounge" I think? Not sure. I had the Spanish Omelette.

After Breakfast I knew that I was in a safe place.  The people in for breakfast that morning seemed to be a mixture of locals and snowbirds, even a few just passing through. When I made the u-turn to go back North on 19/98 I saw something about Elvis on one of the directional signs. I was back at the traffic light at the Shrimp Lounge. So I turned down Elvis road.

I had turned left down "Follow That Dream" Parkway. Elvis Presley had filmed a movie here at some point. I watch a video and it shows the exact spots now and when Elvis was here. I included this video here in this link. LINK

 I Googled it and this is what popped up:

To get to the spot in Yankeetown where the fishing scenes from Elvis Presley's "Follow That Dream" were filmed back in 1961, you need to travel to the end of Highway 40 West at the Gulf of Mexico. There, at the bridge that goes over Bird Creek, you'll also see some of the most glorious sunsets in the entire state.

When I was coming back I saw a RV Park called Eleanor's I ask If I could shower and do laundry and maybe camp. They sent me away but I am SO glad they did. The referred me another campground just down the way. 

I had no idea at the time but I was driving into downtown Yankeetown, Florida. It was great. I saw the Volunteer Fire Hall. The cute city park and the streets and lawns were lined and covered Spanish moss on all the trees. All the houses seems to be hidden by these amazing trees that have all these dramatic branches that go every where. Behind the house on the left I could see all these shrimping boats and barges docked behind these houses. 

And then I rolled up on B's Marina and RV Park. The first thing I notice is all the boats, the docks, this bright yellow house. RV's on the right and boats and water on the left. I wanted to never leave already. It was great. 

Right away I started filing for the feature in my first episode of Where to Stay : Small Town USA. You can watch it inside this blog post. Or on my YouTube Channel. This show is just a short video of the properties that have great personalities and owners with a heart, kinda like a property tour. Hopefully my little video gives the property owners a property tour that most Mom & Pop's can't afford or know the benefits of.  I would like to "give back" to those who give to me on this trip. 

I met a couple people ready to help me out right away. I knew in my heart I was at the right place. Where I was supposed to be. 

I met Carla when I checked in and shortly I met the man of the compound, Bob. Super amazing cool guy.  He has his own story to tell. I didn't get a chance to spend time with Carla. It was cold and I was able to work with Bob on a project or two. Maybe Carla and I will have a chance to get to know each other. It;s warmer today and I am still here.  ( two nights so far at this publish I am staying one more night tonight)

Bob and his back story is pretty intense. I don't wanna share it. I want him too. It's so cold here that we couldn't really spend time together after the first day for filming and recording.

Knowing that I am packing up and moving out tomorrow and looking for what is next I was hoping something would allow, NOT force, me to hang around here for a little while. It just might be the peace  & place that I need.

I walked down the street and explored downtown, it reminded me of my small town (Greenback) back home. I stopped in the Blackwater Restaurant and had the special, I was under dressed.  Food was Awesome! Service was great. Atmosphere was incredible.

If you ever have the chance as your headed down south of Gainesville, Florida - Hit 98 and 19 South just before Ocala and check out these Blackwater Streams and small businesses with wonderful personality.

If you would like more information about these or any of the locations or posts please e-mail me at theRealTazCable@gmail.com .

Thanks for stopping by and following the journey.

Make Life Happened,


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