Champagne Dreams and Beer Bottle Pockets got me every where.

I spent my entire life wanting to be a TV personality. Famous. I guess that is every Childs dream, so I thought it was.  I took it to the extreme, as always.  I remember when I was as kid, my Mom was so upset with me.
I had three desk lamps plugged into extensions cords and clamped them on to our family trampoline I covered them with colored handkerchiefs to make stage lights. They shined on me like a ray of Janet Jacksons concert lights. She  (Mom) came from the house and said, basically " Why are you being a spectacle?"  As far as I was concerned no one could see me because it was dark and I was in my own world. If I remember correctly the song of MS. Jackson's was "Control" ironically. I was ordered to stop and get in the house by Mom. I am sure she was embarrassed by it all. I mean she had a son in her front yard on the trampoline twisting his ass and flipping all over that "stage".
Looking back on it and where I am from ( Big Gulley, Tennessee) I realize  (now) where she was coming from. At that moment tho, she was the most hateful thing in the world it seemed. I had something to express and those handkerchief gel coats on those light were the only place I could do what I wanted.  Maybe that is where it started. The running from shame, the running from commitment, running from misunderstanding. I am not sure.
I lived my entire life blaming other people and blaming them for something that I couldn't control. I couldn't control what others thought of me, not even my mother.
Thirty some years later I fulfilled my dream and I sold my soul to the devil - so to speak - to get there. Seems as if I have always sold out cheap to get something I truly wanted and  it was those Champagne Dreams with  Those Beer Bottle Pockets. That  has never changed. Even today. I sat here tonight watching videos that I could find remembering that  trampoline. 

That day took me to the Bowl Of OH! The KNOXivi Network (the owners and the programming) about killed me almost - but it started a journey that changed my life for ever. 

I met the real Daisy Duke! 

I got intimate with Eric Baker! 
I got to make Alison Ruffin ( now married)  look more Cleaver and Funny. I produced this one. 

I got to ask the Bachelorette Kasey B to Marry Me from ABC's The Bachelor


I helped honor records in the Smokies at SMO.

I got endorsements from the top for concepts that I created on my own.
(I love this lady)


I created the first "Today Show" of the smokies. The programming that is out there now looks twenty years behind where we were ten years ago, right Frank?

I got to showcase the honor of the Tuskegee Airman with their only Ticker Tape Parade at the 37th annual Gatlinburg Fourth of July Parade. 


What a blessing I have had in life. 
The nuts to be creative and the drive to live a dream.. 
Creating SMOMOtv (Smoky Mountain Television) and living my trampoline dream has not got me far in life financially, mostly because I was afraid to stand up for myself with those beer bottle pockets. Some elements of my creations are still living in the Smokies with " Mobile Brochures" not even with my permission or commissions for the creations. I wouldn't trade anything for where I am setting right now. 
I promise my dreams may get shattered with the lack of money but where I am now, LIVING, HEALTHY and HAPPY is more than any amount of money that anyone could ever pay me. 
These moments I've shared here is just a fraction of where I have been and the set backs will continue to take me wherever I wanna go. Let your children dream. 

I've moved on and my dreams aren't as big now but life is just as grand! 

Encourage what's in front of you!


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