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Champagne Dreams and Beer Bottle Pockets got me every where.

I spent my entire life wanting to be a TV personality. Famous. I guess that is every Childs dream, so I thought it was.  I took it to the extreme, as always.  I remember when I was as kid, my Mom was so upset with me.
I had three desk lamps plugged into extensions cords and clamped them on to our family trampoline I covered them with colored handkerchiefs to make stage lights. They shined on me like a ray of Janet Jacksons concert lights. She  (Mom) came from the house and said, basically " Why are you being a spectacle?"  As far as I was concerned no one could see me because it was dark and I was in my own world. If I remember correctly the song of MS. Jackson's was "Control" ironically. I was ordered to stop and get in the house by Mom. I am sure she was embarrassed by it all. I mean she had a son in her front yard on the trampoline twisting his ass and flipping all over that "stage".
Looking back on it and where I am from ( Big Gulley, Tennessee) I…

Sunsets, Cigarettes & a bottle of Wine - Ken Palmer,Withlacoochee River


Where To Stay; Small Town Usa - B's Marina & RV Park, Yankeetown, Florida

B's Marina & RV Park is on one the first stops on this journey. It was perfect!

Elvis Led Me To Yankeetown. Inaugural Post

This is my first blog post after my hospitality management gig. I loved that place and the job. I had no idea I had it in me. That was like 6 months straight of  National Championship Play-Offs.  For the record I didn't wanna leave Palm Harbor when I did. For that matter I didn't wanna leave ClearwaterFlorida when I did either. 
Now The Wagon and I head North and the only thing I can think of is that there is snow and freezing weather North and on this night it was gonna be very unseasonably cold in Florida from the North to the South and as far as I knew the East to the West.

Since I really wanna head West on my  new journey I decided to brave it and head North because that is the direction I will have to go.  You know, saving money and being travel productive. Leaving Palm Harbor, Florida around 5 in the evening and not wanting to blow all my cash in fuel right away I set a goal for Crystal River, Florida. 

Once I arrived in Crystal River I used an App on my phone to locate…