Looking for a place to me.

Ok so I have 500 thousand, not really that many, posts and I have been looking for a way to address this.  This blog topic. Or Subject. I am starting to realize that I have a platform and it's not made up of those that I get influence from. My friend back in Palm Harbor does read my blog and I do listen to her, as long as she hasn't had too much wine - then you HAVE to listen to her. I have friends back home that I speak to all the time and I "let them listen to me". In quotes because that is really what happens when I talk to them but they do give feed back - but they don't read my blog.
My life long friend tells me that she don't wanna hear about my drama - not really did she say that - in my blog she wants to hear about my travel. Well, I don't think she reads my blog.

I guess this is a double feature because as I feel I need to explain somethings as I travel to look for a place to be me - my blog and my writing has been looking for the same answer.


The Ultimate Road To Know Where

I am not sure why but I remember hearing "The Road To Nowhere" maybe it's just because it relates to my story. This post. I think it's perfect because I really don't know where I am going I just have "Out West" on my internal GPS.

I  have very few rules, ok - no rules -  I use in processing my direction West. I have no method to my navigation. Where it's gonna get weird is when I leave Panacea, Florida this fall. Cross into Texas and then venture from the water. I will feel lost with out the Gulf it's been such a long period for me. I know that I have only been on my most current journey a few weeks but the entire reality check in the RV has been happening about three years and it's brought me some pretty colorful stories.

Sometimes I wish I had the nuts to share it all. The laughter and inside jokes. The secrets that are only important to that moment and that time. To be involved some so deep and some just as if I was passing through, like …

Coming In Hot - Pineapple Fritters w/ White Sauce & Pineapple Slaw

COMING IN HOT : Series Post 1 This should be a video blog series but I just can't get the RV where I want it to have you in my place and I left half my supplies at B's Marina & Campground in the Tiki Bar so I don't want you to laugh at my Dollar General supplies.

I am just outside Tallahassee on Highway 98 and NOTHING is nearby.

I created two really awesome dishes at the Tiki Bar and I wanted to share those with you.

One is great-ish for you and one is just GREAT, Period.


My Pineapple Fritters are a little special to me. It was a joint effort to perfect these things and I am not real sure of all the exact measurements but thanks to Dolly Parton in Steal Magnolias (cup a' Cup a' Cup a') we will get through it. I use a small sauce pan for my fryer so that they are small funnel cake looking things. 


What's Up With My Obnoxious Behavior?

I know I have tried this kinda thing before but it does seem that now I am adjusting to the lifestyle that I have picked for me. I am really not sure that when I finally gave in to this lifestyle and I am not real sure that I will make it doing this kinda thing but I am pretty sure I can pull it off.
When I was younger and acted a fool people would tell me how cute I was. When I was in my teens I was a blabber mouth and then as I blossomed into my twenties I was OXB as hell. Thats someone with Obnoxious Behavior.
Most people as I got older that didn't like me called me obnoxious.  Those that tried to understand me and accept me called me precious. I am OK with it all. So who cares. Be Obnoxious and have that Behavior.
I have sourced a few items to help you to have the best (OXB) you can. With great Fashions from around the world that showcase your personality, Cool Stuff that make your day better and as I go Tee's that will say things you are afraid to say but love to wear. I…

There is Daylight Savings Time and there is Horseshoe Time.

Coming from the south still on US19N. I dry camped in a truck stop last night. Learning to slow down and enjoy the ride I found myself taking a left off the highway to discover something new. I will forever be looking for that "Yankeetown Experince", tho.

This mornings left turn brought me to Horseshoe Beach. It's an Island. It look like the suburbs of Key West. The Dixie County timberlands guide you through and too Horseshow Beach. There isn't much along the way from US19 but when your are here, you arrive and you know it.

I was impressed with all the signage. The couple businesses that are here really sock it to ya coming in. Almost like arriving in Vegas or any other tourist driven spot. Signs for the Marina, LIVE Bait, Rentals, Jake's Pub and I think I saw a Post Office sign. I look for those for my friends Lisa H and Cindy L back home. Anyway.

I drove to the end of the road just to see where it goes. Well it went to the end. I posted a video this morning on …

Getting Married Too Early - Story Of My Life

((Incomplete - Live Updating)))

I guess being a premature baby in the 70's does have its draw backs. From what I can remember I was in a incubator for awhile after I was born. I was born in May and was supposed to be in June or something like that. Maybe I don't remember how the story goes very well.

At any rate, I have always been told to slow down, take it easy. Are you flipping kidding me, wont happen. I know this now. For sure I see it. Before I guess I wanted something so bad I just jumped in both feet first and I have gotten into habit of that.

Living back on the road like I am I need to learn very quickly that I move fast and others don't. Work out some personal time and experiences instead of jumping in feet first. We all know that when the romance is over the relationship is done.  Let's be real. What are the percentage of people that are married that still look at each other and rev that engine. Most the people I know that are married are like - OMG THEY DRIV…

Welcome To Yankeetown Is Like Bless Your Heart.

If you ever get a chance to visit Yankeetown Florida, you must. The drive through the town is like going back in time. Well if you don't look at the new structures on the outskirts of the physical Downtown Yankee town.

It's amazing. Spanish moss hanging from trees that have branches growing every where. Large branches in different directions. Almost like Savannah Georgia.

It would like to bring you in through Riverside Drive.  You turn left off the "Follow That Dream" Parkway. It's where Elvis filmed the movie, Follow That Dream. When you approach the town limits the road divides almost like the trees part the road. ( Pictures for this post will come later, I have to find better internet. I'm roadside near Chiefland, Florida)

There are small lots with small or quant homes. The air seems clean and the divided road has people waving as you pass and walking dogs an talking to the neighbors.

When you approach the four way stop you see the downtown real estate off…